Who needs more food? Plants or Animals

Do Plants  need more food or animals? Why?


  • Plants are the primary producers.
  • Plants make more of their own food but animals do not.
  • Both plants and animals need food to perform all the life activities.
  • Every living thing has do do the life activities like growth, respiration, reproduction, etc.


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Animals require more energy than plants.
This is due to various reasons.

Some are :
1) Animals are motile organisms, i.e.  they move around, which burns energy whereas plants are non-motile, pretty stationary and make their own food. Being motile requires more energy.

2) Plants have many dead tissues whereas this is not in the case of animals. Hence, again animals need more energy.



  • It always depends what animal you are comparing to what plant
  •  what your definition of food is.
  • A large tree would surely suck up more nutrients from the ground than a tiny insect.
  •  probably it could be that plants need less food because they can produce their own sugars through photosynthesis.
  • whereas  food is the animal’s only source of energy.

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