Beaks of birds

Beaks of Birds:

Birds have no teeth. They cannot bit or chew. Beaks of birds help them to eat.

Different birds have different kinds of beaks.

The Beaks of the birds are suited to the kind of food they eat.

We can tell what a bird eats by looking at its beak.

Some birds eat fruits and seeds. Some eat fish. Some hunt small animals like mice and snakes. Some eat insects and worms, and some drink juice of flowers.

The shape of a bird’s beak depends on the kind of food it eats:

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A humming bird sucks nectar with its long curved beak. It is like a drinking straw.

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Parrots can easily crack open nuts and seeds with its strong curved beak.

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A wood pecker taps the bark of a tree with is sharp pointed beak. It makes holes in the bark to pull out insects to eat.

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Sparrows and pigeons are grain eaters. They have short, strong beaks.

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Peacocks eat seeds, grasses, tender leaves, seeds, insects and small reptiles like snake.
They have a small bill which is very sharp on the end.

A duck has a broad flat beak. It scoops the muddy water with it. The mud and water flow out through holes on the sides. The little plants and insects from the muddy water stay inside the beak, which the duck eats.

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Brown pelican has a very long bill with large throat pouch. It is used to scoop up fish.

Image result for eagles, vultures, owls

Eagles, Vultures and owls kill small animals. They have strong, sharp, hooked beaks for tearing the flesh


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